Wine and front-end chat

Posted September 18th, 2010 by CyberShadow in Bugs | 4 Comments »

Some of our Wine users have noticed a problem in recent Wine versions – namely, chatting in the front-end parts of the game (that includes WormNET and host/join lobby) was not possible (W:A seemed to ignore Enter presses).

This was a pretty bad problem, since it made W:A close to unplayable online (you’re very likely to get kicked if you can’t talk to the host). I decided to take some time to investigate the problem. In a few days, a patch was ready, which was submitted and accepted after a few tweaks. Today, Wine 1.3.3 was released, containing the fix. Hurray!

In other news, our Wine users may be delighted to know that starting with the next Worms Armageddon update, they will no longer need a patched DirectDraw DLL. W:A will run out of the box!