Highlights, clickable links, indented line wrapping, and colored Help

Posted June 20th, 2010 by CyberShadow in Sneak previews

6 responses to “Highlights, clickable links, indented line wrapping, and colored Help”

  1. CyberShadow says:

    The coloured replies from Help aren’t actually a feature. It’s just that there’s a bug in current versions that causes text with colour codes to not wrap correctly, which is why Help doesn’t send coloured replies to users of and earlier.

  2. Undefined says:

    It’s using \ for example \r for red. It would be nice if we can do this for channel messages.

  3. CyberShadow says:

    Formatting codes are ignored for public channel messages on purpose. Allowing them would cause everyone to abuse them, and #AG turning into something resembling modern Tokyo.

  4. StepS (Stepanesss) says:

    Ha! My name is mentioned! Nice ;)

  5. CyberShadow says:

    Nothing to be proud of… everyone knows only noobs use fake ranks ;)

  6. Undefined says:

    lol powned…

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