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Posted July 18th, 2010 by CyberShadow in Sneak previews

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  1. Pac-Man says:

    Is this linked in the options menu or do we have to press an ultra secret shortcut in the frontend? :D

  2. CyberShadow says:

    Yes, there’s a new button on the Options screen.

  3. Undefined says:

    what about windowed mode ?

  4. CyberShadow says:

    Sorry, not yet. Windowed mode isn’t possible before first depalettizing the game, and possibly rewriting the entire front-end.

    The purpose of this screenshot is to demonstrate a new way of setting options that were previously only available by importing registry scripts (or direct registry editing). You can notice a few new features among these options, though.

  5. Pac-Man says:

    When my game crashed sometimes, I saw default Windows style buttons. If I can ask this question, is it true that the frontend just uses custom drawn windows controls? I’m curious :)

  6. Alby87 says:

    If you want, I’ll traslate all the in-game message from english to italian :)

    Great Work, DC and CS :D

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