Worms World Party

Posted July 4th, 2010 by CyberShadow in Sneak previews

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  1. Pac-Man says:

    Yes, I like the image on the left :P

  2. mychaelo says:

    Is leftside image pure 24-bit? Coz i’d searched full-colour WWP splash for ages..
    Картинка слева в настоящих 24 битах? Ведь я искал полноцветную заставку WWP целую вечность..

  3. CyberShadow says:

    It’s a vectorised and shrunk-down version of the WWP front-end background. You can also see it on http://wormopedia.worms2d.info/ .

  4. Marci says:

    Why was this scrapped? Technical problems, legal issues or lack of interest?

  5. Deadcode says:

    There were technical problems, and although we could have solved them with some hard work, at the time we did not feel that such effort would be worthwhile. And then later on, we no longer had a clear directive from Team17 to release a conversion kit.

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